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     Davis Daniel is an artist who knows all about survival in the country music business... and in everyday life. He has experienced the kindness and cruelty of both, but he has a knack for accepting the challenges while pursuing the triumphs. His determination is the stuff legends and heroes are made of, and it comes from a foundation where hard-core reality is no stranger. Being raised in a poverty-stricken family with eight siblings, and facing the loss of his father when Davis was only 14 years old, forced him to learn to cope with overwhelming odds. But Davis embraces those days fondly, and believes they have given him the strength to remain the eternal optimist he is today. It is no small wonder that Davis’ delivery of a song is so rich, and full of emotion. His striking blonde looks and warm, friendly charisma have always been an instant hit with people of all ages, but it is Davis’ signature, distinctive vocals and amazing songwriting abilities that have impressed music business professionals and fans alike to remain dedicated to his music. Davis’ strongest influence has always been and still remains Keith Whitley – unquestionably recognizable in Davis’ choice of lyrics and delivery. Still, his music stands out as a country music original with a style of its own. Davis burst onto the country music scene in 1991 with his Mercury/PolyGram debut, Fighting Fire With Fire. The album undeniably proved that Davis possessed all the ingredients of success, with every single earning coveted top-ten chart positions with hit songs such as, “Picture Me,” “Still Got A Crush On You” along with the title track and enormously popular top-five single, “For Crying Out Loud.” Following the tremendous momentum established by his debut, PolyGram Music (owner of Mercury, Polydor and A&M Records) made the decision to move Davis to their Polydor roster in an effort to jump-start the smaller label. Unfortunately, the roster change and label reorganization created a 3-year delay, and by the time the new product was released, the struggling Polydor was unable to provide the promotional support for it, leaving radio and fans virtually unaware of it’s existence. Still the album, simply titled Davis Daniel gave Davis new opportunities as a co-producer and as a songwriter, wielding his ability to turn out a well-rounded product, including strong singles such as, “I Miss Her Missing Me,” the upbeat ode to Haggard and Jones, “William And Mary” and the heart-melting ballad Davis penned for his son, aptly titled “Tyler.” In early 1996, the Polydor label succumbed and their entire roster was moved to A&M Records (Nashville), yet another division of PolyGram. Finally, in August, 1996, A&M Nashville released a new image and a new sound on Davis with the album, I Know A Place. The album was intended to deliver the energy and emotion of Davis’ live show in recorded form, and it immediately garnered rave reviews from various publications, and captured the attention of country dance fans across the country (topping the country dance charts). The instant acceptance carried through to the video, which ranked in the top 10 (as had all seven of his prior video releases). Ralph Novak of People Magazine describes Davis as “country’s most plaintive voice since Eddie Arnold.” Frances P. McAneney of Modern Screen’s Country Music states, “a stylist whose true inspiration comes from classic country music.” Davis was charging his way back, and his fans had been waiting, but once again, just one week after the first single, “I’m Not Listening Anymore” was released — with a “Mystery Artist Contest” promotion still in full swing, in conjunction with Country Music Television (CMT) and 1-800-Music-Now — the Nashville headlines suddenly broke the shocking news that A&M Records (Nashville) was going out of business “due to a lack of executive direction.” The changeover from Polydor to A&M left holes in the executive staff that had been meant to head up A&M, and after only six months, the new label was retired... and Davis was left with a tremendous album that had not even been given the chance to spread its wings. Still, Davis’ spirit and determination have not been broken. Davis knows he is not the first person to face frustration in Nashville... and he won’t be the last... but at a point where literally thousands of others have called the game and gone home, Davis is still in the first quarter, full of energy and ready to play. Davis is known for his live performances, from jumping off stage, interacting with his audiences and thrilling the fans, to his emotionally charged ballads. “Almost everything in our show is spontaneous,” he says, “I just have fun, and bring the audience along.” The pure emotion of his live show has never been surpassed, and he exudes the passion and presence that is in constant demand by today’s country music fans. From his late father, he learned to follow his dream. From his mother, he learned how to cope with tragedy and keep a positive attitude. On his own he has learned that the stage is a place he can help other people understand all of that. There’s no doubt that Davis Daniel belongs in country music, and on stage. After the abrupt closing of A&M Records, it was back to square one for Davis... and the perfect excuse to spend more time with his family, and focus on new music. Davis is married, he met wife Julie in Marietta, Ga. Children: Of course Tyler, now 10 years old and Alexa 3 years old. After a few years off, Davis is writing and producing a new album independently. The first single being "Is It Just Me". Be listening. You haven't heard the last from Davis Daniel.

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